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Okaay. Here is where I will put up-to-date info about AAR like if they were going to be on tv. =)
August 25, 2009-The Upwelling's new CD "An American Stranger" is out now!!! GO BUY IT! ;) Tyson and Mike signed them on their new label "Edmond Records" !!!

August 12, 2009- The Upwelling So we've started a record label called Edmond Records, and our first official signing is a great band out of New York called THE UPWELLING. Some of you guys may have seen them on tour with us in the U.S. and Europe. Well, they're finally ready to release their debut album on the world! It's called An American Stranger and it comes out August 25! Tyson produced and played on several songs, and there was also some producing from Stephen Jenkins of Third Eye Blind. Check out the video below to get to know them and go to edmondrecords.com to hear some songs! And be sure to pick up the CD on August 25th!!! 
August 12, 2009 -A note from the Far East :Wow! We've been to Japan for Summer Sonic twice before, but this weekend the Japanese crowds delivered like we've never seen. It was insane! We couldn't have asked for better shows, so thanks to all you guys who helped to make them so special! We can't wait to come back again! But now we're off to Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta, all places we've never been before. We're stoked! And then back to Australia, which is always amazing! We gonna see all you Aussie folks there? We better! And how cold is it right now, you southern hemisphere-ers?

August 11, 2009 - New AAR EP is available on itunes it has all 4 of the "I Wanna" Remixes. It's only $2.99!!