AARejects <3 A Website Full of Fun Things For Fans.♥♫ 
Hello fellow Rejects fans! ♥ Thanks for coming on here and looking at this site, that I made just for us AAR fans. So your probably wondering what I'm going to offer you on this site, so here you go ↓
  • Awesome pix of Tyson, Nick, Mike, Chris, and even Toad!
  • Facts and info of what's going on with AAR
  • Rare AAR tracks
  • A page where we put our AARt.
  • Also, I'm going to update this site every week with something new, that y'all will love.
  • If there's something that I could do, or put on this site, or suggestions, or your AARt, just email me at xxamy-wheelerxx@live.com or tweet me on twitter @ amy_nw_tr  =)